Solar Output Calculator


The solar output calculator

The prediction algorithms for this tool are based on data collected from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Data comes both from their OpenPV Project, which collects data connected to over one million individual solar installations, and from their National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB) API, which provides irradiance, weather, and windspeed data. For more on the machine learning algorithms used to build this calculator, check out my github or my article on Medium (links below). Thanks for stopping by!

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Assumptions and Caveats

Annual return assumes you pay the average cost of energy in your state. For more accurate measurements, calculate your savings based on the actual amount you pay your utility per kWh.

In California, there are tiered rate plans, which will generally mean that savings are higher than those projected here.

Installation cost is entirely pre-incentive, pre-rebate cost.

Break-even time assumes cash payments for installation cost, with no additional interest costs after installation. Break even time will vary if installation cost is payed through a loan or other method.